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Published: December 18th 2010
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If you've travelled around, you've probably encountered a menu at a restaurant you could not read or a road sign you did not understand and that is totally understandable, because non of us carry a dictionary around, or pop out our notebooks or mobiles to start translating all the little things we encounter word-by-word, but now that is all over. Word Lens, the amazing new iPhone app, does just that- it uses augmented reality to translate anything that is right in front of you.


It works a bit like Google's translation service, in respect that it translates real-time images into something you can understand. Word Lens can be downloaded for free from Apple's App Store, but different language packs cost $5 and come as an add-on. Unfortunately, it currently offers only Spanish to English translation and vice versa, but taking into account that 500 million people worldwide speak Spanish (only second to Mandarin), it can definitely come in handy, especially in South and Central America. Regardless, the company behind it promises many more languages ahead.


Word Lens' word-for-word conversion is not a perfect 100% translation, but it is more than enough to get you going, just like Google Translate or Babel Fish. Moreover, beside saving you the trouble to type in word-by-word, it has a huge advantage that unlike Google it does not need Wi-Fi or a data connection, all you have to do is point your Apple device at what you want to translate and the app will "magically" take care of the rest. And if it saves you from ordering a horrible dish, at a restaurant where all the waitresses answer "Sí" to no matter what you ask, that there alone is already worth five bucks.

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