Bon Jovi Announces Israel Concert

Published: December 17th 2010
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Bon Jovi Circle Tour poster

Last year it was reported that Bon Jovi and Israeli producers were close to finalizing a first ever appearance for the rock icon in the country... and now the hopes of music fans are more than "Livin' on a Prayer": Bon Jovi confirmed on Larry King (CNN) that Israel will be a stop on their international tour that began over a year ago.


The Circle Tour came across Canada this past summer, filling stadiums with screaming fans in destinations that got passed over on previous, smaller tours. The band from New Jersey will be returning for two dates in Toronto on Feb. 14 and 15 at the Air Canada Centre, with the first night already sold out. For the Israel date, Bon Jovi did not give many details but said it will take place at the "Olympic Stadium" which, since there haven't been Olympics in Israel, he probably meant the large national soccer stadium in Ramat Gan, east of Tel Aviv.


The tour name, The Circle, is the band's most recent album, but fans always hope to hear favourites "It's My Life," "Runaway," "Have a Nice Day," and the favourite for 80's bars around the world "Livin' on a Prayer." With the release of a Bon Jovi "Greatest Hits" album on Oct. 29, it's likely Bon Jovi will not be opposed to bringing back some of the best that Israeli fans haven't had the chance to hear live before.

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