Wikileak's Spokesperson Anti-Semite and Holocaust Denier

Published: December 17th 2010
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Israel Shamir

According to New York magazine and Reason magazine, Israel Shamir, a WikiLeaks spokesman is a self-titled “leading Russian-Israeli writer”- publishing a number of anti-Israel and anti-Semitic books.


Shamir is employed by WikiLeaks as a content aggregator in Russia. He is responsible for choosing and distributing cables to all Russian news outlets. Another report made by Medierna, a Swedish Radio program, stated “Israel Shamir represents WikiLeaks in Russia”.


Israel Shamir’s personal website doesn’t give any solid confirmation that he actually works at WikiLeaks, but on the landing page, there is a prominently displayed photo of himself with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. The photo was reportedly taken at the organization’s headquarters in Sweden.


Shamir has a mysterious past (and present) that is very difficult to pin down. On his website, the official biography states that he was born in Novosibirsk, Siberia in 1947 and moved to Israel in 1969 to serve as a paratrooper during the Yom Kippur War. His biography also states that he later worked for the BBC and translated the works of Nobel laureate Shai Agnon from Hebrew to Russian. During this time period, he also published several anti-Semitic books including Cabbala of Power, Galilee Flowers, and Masters of Discourse.


Shamir using his website as a vehicle to share his views on Israel and Jews. In one entry titled “Return of The Body Snatchers”, Shamir defends Aftonbladet’s (a Swedish tabloid) 2009 report that Israeli Defense soldiers stole organs from dead Palestinians, claiming, “It fits into a larger pattern. All over the world, Israel and Israelis are involved in trafficking human flesh, this modern form of cannibalism”.


Some of his other writings prove him to be a Holocaust-denier. One entry on his website says that the Teheran Holocaust Conference of 2008 “proved that the Holocaust dogma is a basic tenet in the great world-embracing brainwashing machine of mass media”. He also adds that the prevalence of Holocaust awareness and education “show that the mass media machine is well integrated and concentrated in philosemitic, mostly Jewish hands. The occupation of Palestine by Jews is painful, but it is not more harmful than this captivity of free discourse.”


Shamir has not made himself available to comment on his affiliation to WikiLeaks or his relationship with Julian Assange.

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