This Christmas Eve, Put Down the Chinese Food and Try the Matzoball!

Published: December 16th 2010
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If you’re planning on heading out to yet another bland Chinese food Buffet with your parents and siblings this Christmas Eve simply because – for Jews – it’s the only game in town, think again.


Thanks to twin brothers Jian and Page Magen, the brains and braun behind Toronto’s incredibly successful Magen Boys Entertainment Group, there’s a far better option for Jews this December 24th than simply ingesting too much MSG. Instead, why not be a good Jew this Christmas, and try a good old fashioned Matzoball!?


Now in its 24th annual incarnation, the Matzoball, The Magen Brothers’ annual XMAS party for those of the Hebraic persuasion, takes to 6 Degrees at 2335 Yonge Street - in the heart of Yonge and Eglinton - for a night of great music, dancing, laughs, and usually, some great hookups. Doors open at 9:30 pm.


“Jewish people have never had anywhere fun to go on Christmas Eve,” Jian says, explaining the event’s genesis which attracts more than 1,200 today. “This party filled that void. Due to the popularity of the event, we had to create a second event on that night, The Falafel Ball! Yes, you heard me, the Falafel Ball. This party is for people ages 30 and up. The beautiful thing about this party is that it’s just down the street from the Matzoball. We are providing a lot to do for Jews of all ages on Christmas Eve.”


“The event has taken a life of its own,” adds Page. “What started out as a small party has turned into a must-attend event. The Matzoball started out with 300 people in its first year when it was held at a Holiday Inn, then 700, then 1,000 and now more than 1,200. With the addition of the Falafel Ball, we are now catering to everyone on the Jewish journey. We even have companies sponsoring the event so that they can be attached to the name. This year, Yogen Fruz is the title sponsor and we are so honoured to have them on board with us. They are such a great brand and we are so thankful that they, like the 1,200 who will be at the event, see the value in this important, incredible annual event.”


Don’t miss out on what promises to be an unforgettable evening of partying and socializing. The Matzoball has quickly become Toronto’s signature event in everyone’s calendar year in, and year out.


For tickets, call: 905.513.6464 Extension 21.


For more information, call 905.513.6464 or join the MBE Facebook page at

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