Mount Hermon open for skiing

Published: December 15th 2010
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Mount Hermon ski site

Winter storms pelted Israel on Sunday, knocking over trees, downing electricity lines causing power outages, and up in the north, they covered Mount Hermon ski site with enough snow to open up for the season.


The hill opened to the public on Wednesday, after snow in the Golan Heights blanketed the area and measured at 240 centimeters at the location of the upper cable car at the ski site.


Mount Hermon has ski trails for novice, intermediate and advanced skiers, as well as a Snowpark and winter family activities such as sledding and Nordic skiing. The first lift at the resort was built in 1971 and on an average day during peak season more than 12,000 people are on the mountain.


The opening of the ski hill this year is a positive for outdoorsy locals and for tourism after the ski season was postponed by a two month drought. The lack of rain prior to this week's storm was causing a lot of concern in the region. But now, authorities say the level of the Sea of Galilee has risen at least five centimeters and other water reservoirs in the country have been replenished. According to Meteo-Tech meteorological company, some areas in Israel saw more than 100 millimeters of rain fall in the first 24 hours of the storm.


The snowfall means income ahead for the ski hill, but the storm did have detrimental effects on the country's economy. On Sunday more than 50,000 people were late for work and 7,000 stayed home completely due to the weather, causing an estimated NIS 5 million in losses nationally.

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