Caesarea Damaged by Winter Storms

Published: December 14th 2010
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On Sunday, Israel, along with other parts of the Eastern Mediterranean, got a taste of the region’s winter weather, as parts of the ancient archeological port of Caesarea were damaged in the storm.


A more modern sea wall that had been built around Caesarea fell in the storm, leaving the rest of the site exposed to the harsh waves.


Archeologists had actually predicted the area would eventually suffer damage at the hands of the sea, unless substantial restoration work could be done to protect one of the most popular archeological sites in Israel.


Caesarea is one of several coastal archeological sites to be the subject of a planned restoration project, to be carried out under the supervision Architect Zeev Margalit, who personally warned that the corrosion of the ancient port is “happening in front of our eyes.”


Margalit added: “The situation in Caesarea (following this storm) is very worrying. There is no disagreement among experts that the current situation, if it is not improved, will lead to the destruction of one of the flagship archeological sites of Israel.”


The damage is particularly worrying as it comes on the heels of massive fires in the country’s Carmel region, which have already destroyed huge plots of natural reserve, in addition to residential areas.


Many feel that Israel’s Nature Parks Authority should perhaps combine forces with the country’s Tourism Ministry in order to deal with what has occurred in Caesarea, which, regardless of cultural background, is considered to be a national historic treasure.

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