Tweets of the Week

Published: December 12th 2010
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Tweets of the Week

Chelsea Handler wants Torontonians to see her, Ben Stiller feels a sense of accomplishment, Jessi Cruickshank returns to MTV, Howie Mandel wants more followers, Joan Rivers addresses Canada, Adam Levine wakes up, Matisyahu wishes everyone a happy last night of Channukah, Nikki Yanofsky makes a funny video, Judd Apatow is waiting for an idea and Christopher Mintz-Plasse is practicing for a show.


@chelseahandler: I'm coming to toronto tonight at massey hall. Here is the link. There are still tix


@RedHourBen: I feel an incredible sense of accomplishment when I see "Tweet succesfully updated!"


@JESSIMTV: THE. BITCH. IS. BACK. (and this time, the bitch is me.)


@howiemmandel: Will u follow me? If you do I can win a GE electric can opener and an animal shaped ice tray.


@Joan_Rivers: Are you ready for more Fashion Police Canada? Don’t miss an all-new show tonight at 10:30pm, only on E!


@adamlevine: Woke up to loud banging noises. Not the good kind.


@matisyahu: Happy last night of channukah y'all.


@NikkiYanofsky: Guys!! My video with @booyapictures is up! Check it out :)


@JuddApatow: Writing can be torturous--waiting for an idea to come.To come from where, my human robot heat, God, the soul? Cock.


@MintzPlasse: Drumming my ass off, getting ready for 2 shows in Santa Cruz this weekend!

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