Israeli Killed in Skiing Accident in Italy

Published: December 11th 2010
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Cervinia Ski Resort

Tragedy in Italy: After a week of searching and false hope, the body of 34 year-old Oded Kiblitski was found today (Saturday) at the Cervinia ski resort in north Italy. Apparently Kiblitski who was reported missing almost a week ago, died in a skiing accident, a sport which he loved so much.


The search for Kiblitski began early this week as all contact with him was lost and Oded had not returned to his hotel room near the ski resort. Kiblitski was supposed to return from the vacation to Israel last Sunday. When he did not check out of his hotel, the hotel's staff entered his room but found it empty. As a result, they reported him missing to local police.


The Magnus international search and rescue unit which were called by Oded's family, said Kiblitski, an experienced skier, was apparently killed during a fall last Saturday, in a statement released. The unit said his body was not found immediately, because it could not be spotted with all the snow covering it.


Rescuers managed to find Kiblitski in rough terrain conditions using the mobile phone he was carrying. The area in which he disappeared was affected by bad weather these last few days. A member of the Israeli Consulate in Italy also came to the ski resort in order to assist with the search effort and help with transferring his body to Israel.

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