Brace Yourselves: iPad 2 is Coming

Published: December 11th 2010
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Apple iPad

Apple fans, brace yourselves, because according to Reuters, the iPad 2, the successor to the world's most famous tablet and the device which ignited the tablet-wars and created a whole new market, will launch next year.


The most recent report states that Steve Jobs' new baby will have 2 cameras, one on the front and one on the back, to allow for video chat, just like the Samsung Galaxy Tab or Apple's very own iPhone 4, and will have an even higher resolution display.


Reuters says its confidence comes from multiple supplier sources in Asia they have interviewed, two of them quoted as saying the production would begin soon. The newer version of Apple's tablet is expected to be thinner and lighter, since up to now, nearly every next generation device that Apple has released definitely lost some weight in the process.


A smaller iPad would expand Apple's fan base, since it will appeal to more people and perhaps even threaten the laptop market.


Actually, one can remember rumors of a smaller 7-inch iPad that Apple discarded. Jobs dismissed the idea, saying the screen would be "too small to express the software," but it seems like Steve Jobs is developing quiet a taste for throwing Apple groupies off the trail, just like when he denied the idea of an iPod that play videos.


Moreover, the new iPad is also expected to have improved screen resolution, similar to iPhone 4's retina display.


In other iPad news, the Google Docs team has brought full desktop Google Docs support to iPad. A must-own application for any writing enthusiast, or great to have if you just need to crunch some numbers using spreadsheets.


Until now, iPad users have had to use third-party or online solutions for these things, but now will be able to enjoy Google Docs just like everyone else.

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