Egypt Goes All Out Against Bar Refaeli

Published: December 8th 2010
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Bar Refaeli

The Mossad is not alone: If you thought that Bar Refaeli's comments about her tour in the 'primitive' county of Egypt last week will go unnoticed- than oh boy, you were mistaken. The Israeli super model has managed to insult and upset the Egyptians who now claim the notorious comments made by her were meant to harm it's tourist industry, much like the accusations raised earlier this week regarding the Mossad's involvement in the deadly Sinai shark attacks.


Nearly a month ago, Refaeli paid a visit to Egypt along with British super model Naomi Campbell and her partner. After returning to Israel for a visit with DiCaprio, Bar made the controversial comments on camera, when asked by a popular Israeli celebrity gossip TV show. In the interview, the model described the trip, in which she visited all the main tourist attractions, as wonderful. However, when she was asked about the possibility of returning to Egypt in the future, Refaeli cheekily replied, "Egypt is a very primitive place."


She continued "it is a cool place to experience, but it is not a place that I would return to again and again." When asked to explain herself by the interviewers, Refaeli told them about a particular bus ride she took, in which she saw a nearby truck carrying camels, thus protruding Egypt's primitiveness. She did Israel a 'favor' too, saying "in Israel, you sometimes see chickens… but camels?!"


A response by the Egyptian press followed shortly. The Egyptian newspaper al Dustur called Refaeli's remarks about Egypt, a part of an Israeli attempt to harm tourism in Egypt, much like those ridiculous Mossad accusations made lately. Moreover, the newspaper called it "an Israeli attack, in the shape of a supermodel, which is meant to retract tourists from Sinai to Eilat."


According to the newspaper, the so called 'Israeli plot', also includes extensive Israeli media coverage of the Sinai shark attacks, which took the life of one tourist and injured four. In addition, following the wide publication in Egypt and throughout the region, Israel has been approached by Egyptian diplomats, which filed an official complaint with their Israeli counterparts regarding Refaeli's comments about Egypt.The Egyptians requested that the Israeli government distance themselves from the remarks, contending that they had in fact caused harm to the country's tourist industry.


In response, Israel has claimed that Refaeli's words and opinions do not represent the official position of the state of Israel, "unfortunately we do not have control over Bar Refaeli or what she says. It was not appropriate," they added. 

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