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Published: December 8th 2010
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The Doctor by Sir Luke Fildes (1891)

40 per cent surge in 2010


I wasn't surprised when I analyzed the Health Care Index today. The Index on Bay Street is over 50 points, and when looking at its performance, it surged by over 40 per cent since January 2010. The health care business will become a significant part in the modern world economy.


What is the Health Care sector?


Not all health care companies are traded on the stock markets. But most of you have probably used a medical product that is manufactured by either small or big companies for which health care are their major business.


Israel's Teva is a good example.  As we wrote previously in Shalom Life, Teva is a giant generic company that sells health care products in the range of nearly $15 billion a year which it intends to double by 2015.


Teva is not the only industry giant and when you look into the industry  you'll find other giants like Swiss Roche, German-American Merck, Swiss Novartis and many other pharmaceutical companies.  The aggregate value of those pharmaceutical leaders is in the trillions of dollars. 


Not just antibiotics


Complementary medicine, nutrition, vitamins, sports institutes, counselors, insurance companies, rehabilitation institutes, expert doctors, plastic surgeons, body and facial lotions, special instrument etc. are just a fraction of a long list of products and services that deal with health directly or indirectly.


Some researches claim that the expense on health in western countries in around 20 per cent of the GDP, 10 to 15 times more than the expense on energy.


Young and Healthy


Many who are reading this right now say to themselves: "Hey, I'm still young I'm healthy, I have no chronic diseases. I don't need any health consultancy".


My dear friends you are terribly wrong. Chronic diseases are the western world's No. 1 health problems. It's estimated that millions of people will suffer from diabetes in the coming years and it's only because of bad habits and lifestyles.


Modern life created two new diseases that were once rare, cardiac diseases and cancer. Today you are healthy and tomorrow the problems began.


What to do?


This column is written by an economist and not by a physician. Therefore, it is always good to talk to your doctor about preventive medicine and of course, about good habits in life that will bring you to a mature age, healthy and on your feet, so that you can enjoy the rest of your life spending the money you have on things that you like instead of spending it on medicines and medical services.


Health insurance at a brief


Check your insurance options and needs. When you are young and healthy your private health insurance will probably be low. If you have medical problems it will be very difficult to find someone to fully cover you.




Health care is a serious issue every young person should carefully look at. The industry is flourishing in the markets and will grow in the coming years. Try to be the one who wins from that industry by investing in the right places and not the one who puts money into that industry because of negligence and bad habits.


Personally, I believe in mild sports, balanced nutrition, and positive attitude to life especially in avoiding unnecessary tensions. 


This article does not recommend investing in the capital market

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