Netanyahu, Peres Honour Foreign Firefighters

Published: December 7th 2010
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Binyamin Netanyahu

On Tuesday, a ceremony was held at the Presidential Residence in Jerusalem honouring some 250 non-Israeli firefighters who came to the country’s aid in battling the Carmel blazes.


According to Ynet news, all the foreign teams, including firefighters, pilots, emergency experts and ambassadors to Israel from Greece, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Britain, Germany, France, Holland, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Croatia, United Sates, Russia, Egypt and Azerbaijan, were invited to the ceremony.


At the ceremony, Netanyahu noted the Turkish rescue teams, implying Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's statements do not necessarily imply that relations between the two countries have gone back to normal.


Netanyahu added that for many years, Israel has aided other countries dealing with destruction and various crises, including the medical teams sent to help after earthquakes in Haiti and Turkey.


Peres also spoke, telling those present that "Israel's hope is that if we believe we can fight mother nature, we can overcome hostility, unite and establish peace among all nations."


Netanyahu later announced that he had spoken to Greek, Russian, Egyptian, Jordanian and Palestinian leaders regarding his plan to set up a regional fire extinguishing force which will also aid in other cases of natural disasters, Ynet reported.


Netanyahu added that the aid given to Israel following the Carmel fire disaster "should pose as a model for additional collaborations in the region."

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