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Published: December 6th 2010
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Jewish Tweets

Whitney Port wishes everyone a happy Chanukah, Joan Rivers writes about the holiday blues, Chelsea Handler announces the return of the E! network to Canada, Sarah Silverman has advice for men, Pink is happy, Michael Cammalleri switches to an iPhone, Nikki Yanofsky is writing, William Shatner gets his Canadian Walk of Fame star fixed and Jeanne Beker has faith in the Leafs.


@whitneyEvePort: Happy Hanukkah to everyone who celebrates!! When I think of my Hanukkah, I think of..., 


@Joan_Rivers: Here come the holiday blues. My friend Margie said, “No one cares if I’m alive.” That’s not true! Stop paying your bills & people will care.


@chelseahandler: E! Is back on in canada and armenia starting tonight. I pay homage to both. What....a world.


@SarahKSilverman: It's only romantic for a man to leave a trail of rose petals if he then cleans up said rose petals


@P!nk: I'm the most Christmas happy Jew there ever was.


@MCammalleri13: After years with a blackberry I'm now using an iPhone...Angry Birds is the addictive game equivalent to Brick Breaker


@NikkiYanofsky: great sleep! I love Saturday mornings. I'm gonna make myself some waffles and coco chai tea. YUM, also I have a writing sesh at 1! WOO MUSIC


@WilliamShatner: I've been told my damaged star on the Canadian Walk of Fame has been fixed. I wish I could replace my face as easily. My best, Bill


@JeanneBeker: Tragic about the Leafs last night. BUT LET"S HAVE FAITH! I'm a huge Luke Schenn believer--He'll help save the team...eventually! GO LEAFS!

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