CHAT Students Raise Funds for Kenya

Published: December 3rd 2010
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Youth Ambassadors for Peace in Kenya

A student at CHAT, Naomi Max, visited Kenya on a program called Youth Ambassadors for Peace. Through her involvement in the country, she wanted to link the program to International HIV/AIDS Awareness Day.


The Youth Ambassadors for Peace initiative began in May 2009 by Adam Hummel, who has been largely involved in Jewish campus initiatives in Canada and other countries.


At the start of 2008 there was a widespread civil war that broke out across Kenya after the national elections were found to be rigged, and about 1400 people were killed.


"I went to Kenya to try begin a peace building project between three tribes heavily affected by the civil war, who took part in both the fighting and dying during the conflict," said Hummel. "My project was the first time that the three tribes were brought together in any official, meaningful capacity."


The purpose of the project, said Hummel, is to bring youths together to play soccer, to help eradicate the notion of tribalism which is essentially a form of racism and hatred in Kenyan society, and empower youths.


"For the month that I was there last year, I ran a football tournament for the three tribes which was hugely successful," said Hummel. "At the final game there were around 1000 spectators who came out to watch, and people really enjoyed taking part in something that brought others together."


After the tournament, Hummel spent a week running a workshop for 25 youths from the three different tribes which were the Luo, Kisii and Kalenjin tribes. On the last day of the workshop, they drafted the Youth Treaty of Hope, Reconciliation, and Peace and presented it to some local politicians. The group decided to name themselves the Youth Ambassadors for Peace.


Following the initial visit, youths in Kenya went to set up peace clubs and projects in a number of local high schools. Back at CHAT, the fundraiser this week was entitled "Adam's Poultry Project." The chicken farm in Kenya had been an idea presented by the youth. With a small amount of extra donation funds leftover, they set up their own chicken farm out of wire, wood, bricks and whatever other scarce materials were available, and slowly began buying chickens for the farm.


"They buy the chickens with the money raised from donations, and then they take the eggs that the chickens lay and they donate them to people in the community who have recently been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS," said Hummel."


The fundraiser this week at CHAT, coordinated by Naomi Max and the CHAT student council was very successful. $500 was raised in only two hours by selling chickens for $5 each. With that, 100 chickens can be purchased in Kenya to be put into the chicken farm.


"Now we just need additional funds for upkeep of the farm, and expanding it, and of course to continue to buy more chickens," said Hummel.


This current semester, Hummel is in Israel, but upon his return he looks forward to many more initiatives within the community.


If people would like to donate to the cause, the best way is through PayPal, and the e-mail address to contact is All the information for Adam's Poultry Project and the other projects in Kenya is on the website Kenya Peace Project

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