Canada to Send Water Bomber to Assist Israel

Published: December 3rd 2010
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Canadair CL-215 in Canadian civil service

Following the announced assistance by Greece and Cyprus to send helicopters to help fight the fire which has claimed the lives of more than 40 people and has destroyed over 30 square km of land, Canada will now send their own Bombardier CL-215 "Water Bomber", sources close to Shalom Life discovered.


The fire is currently focused in two areas - northeast or Beit Oren and near Nir Etzion.  Two additional fires broke out in the afternoon, in Tivon and Kiryat Bialik, both of which are suspected to have been caused by arson as investigators found a bicycle and a wig at one site.


"We are not investigating at this time, we are now at war" said Reshef Hezi Levy, spokesman to Haifa firefighting services. "But this certainly raises some question marks."


The international help hasn't stopped with those above.  Israeli firefighters have been working with teams from aboard who have come to assist.  Two Bulgarian firefighters, Theodore and Garisha, joined a crew from Ramat Gan. "We came to help Israel," one said. "Yesterday when we say pictures from Israel online, we realized that this was a huge fire on an international scale.  When we were offered to come to Israel we didn't think twice."  


The  CL-215, first build in 1969 by Canadair, is still widely regarded as one of the best amphibious firefighting aircraft solutions.

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