Hillel Students Build Amazing Chanukiot

Published: December 2nd 2010
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Students with the winning Chanukiah from left to right: Joel Silver, Eli Vandersluis, Adam Plet, and Alan Hudes.

Aside from the typical Chanukah celebrations on campus in Toronto this year, students participated in a Chanukiah building competition.


Members of Hillel from Ryerson, York University and the University of Toronto had the challenge of building a Chanukiah within an hour: and the only supplies they had were megablocks (children's lego-type building blocks).


The finished products were based on kashrut (whether the Chanukiah was kosher, which includes issues such as whether all of the main eight branches are the same height), creativity and stability.


"Students were quite excited by this initiative and created great Chanukiot," said Erin Cohen, Marketing and Communications Manager for Hillel of Greater Toronto. The winning Chanukiah was created by the team of Joel Silver, Eli Vandersluis, Adam Plet and Alan Hudes, all of whom attend Ryerson.


Their design was quite unique, with the branched Chanukiah sitting atop a dreidel design that includes the Hebrew letters on each side, and it sits sturdy on the dreidel's tip. Not sure of the winners would be thrilled with it actually being spun though!

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