Syrian President: Iran Will Not Attack Israel

Published: November 30th 2010
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Syrian President Bashar Assad

According to one of the many documents exposed this week in WikiLeaks, Syrian President Bashar Assad said during a meeting in February with US Senators that the IAEA’s monitoring of Iran's nuclear program would ensure that its pursuit of nuclear power was for civilian purposes only.


The document quotes Assad as saying that “we're not convinced Iran is developing nuclear weapons.”  According to Assad’s argument, Iran could not use a nuclear weapon as a deterrent because nobody believed Iran would actually use it against Israel. He also said that an Iranian nuclear strike against Israel would result in massive Palestinian casualties, something which Iran would never risk.


The leaked telegram was sent to Washington from the US Embassy in Damascus following a meeting between Assad and American Senator Benjamin Cardin on February 18, 2009.


During another meeting with American senators held on December 30, 2009, Assad likened the peace process with Israel to how a doctor should treat cancer. He called the Turkey-brokered indirect peace talks with Israel in 2008 efficient and said that “in roughly eight months, these talks had achieved more than several years of direct negotiations with Israel in the 1990s.”


Assad said that the Americans must support the Turkish track and convince Israel that only peace will protect it, and not its “military superiority” which he said “won't secure it from an attack against missiles and other technologies.”


When asked why Syria insisted on pursuing indirect peace talks with Israel, Assad replied that Hamas and Hezbollah should be a part of the peace, but not organizing principles for conducting peace discussions.


The senators questioned Assad about human rights violations in Syria, at which Assad laughed and said that “You do not see this (freedom of expression) anywhere in the region, let's talk about Saudi Arabia.” He said that he was a popular president and that if he could not achieve such popularity if he were working  against his people.

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