Europe Gets Live TV on the iPad with Tizi

Published: November 28th 2010
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Tizi for iPad

So you have got yourself a brand new shiny iPad, packed it with dozens of applications, synched it with your contacts and calendar, and yet you still feel like something is missing. Maybe watching mobile TV on the iPad could fill the gap? Well if that's the case, Tizi is what you are looking for.


While there are many iPad TV solutions out there, including EyeTV which works just fine, all of them require streaming from a computer. Not so with Tizi, which packs it all into a tiny box that works from anywhere, unfortunately only in select European countries.


The new gadget is created by German company Equinux and currently goes for 150 euros. It pulls in signals, uses its processor to decode them, then easily streams to your iOS (iPhone Operating System) device over Wi-Fi. It is really easy to use and you can rapidly swipe to flip through channels, just as you are zipping through your television set.


It comes along with an accompanying Tizi app that offers an on- screen channel guide and you can always multitask your way out of having to watch any commercials. Moreover, the box doesn't have a wall coaxial connection; instead, it features a flexible antenna specially developed from a malleable metal alloy to improve reception. In addition, it can be charged via USB.


Moreover, its portability is not too shabby - the box looks small enough to carry around in your pocket, and claims its battery lasts for three and a half hours. It is also compatible with other Apple made devices such as the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and recent-generation iPod Touches.


So, what is the big drawback? As aforementioned, the device looks to be available only in Europe for now, although you can download the app in the US App Store. Does that mean there are plans for it to hop over the pond? Well, not necessarily, but we can only hope.

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