Sunshine in Wintertime

Published: November 27th 2010
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Sydney, Australia
Sydney, Australia
Sydney, Australia

The southern hemisphere


In Canada the days are getting colder and shorter. In the southern hemisphere it is all upside down. The days are getting longer, the temperatures rise every day and Australia is the perfect place to visit. Sydney, the capitol of New South Wales (NSW) province, is one of Australia's best highlights.


Jewish life


Early European immigration to Australia started in the 1840s. The first settlers were convicts from the British Empire. When massive colonization started many Jewish families arrived in the new continent searching for new and better life.


Australia's Jewish community is relatively small when compared to North America. Around 100 thousand Jews live in Australia, most of them in Sydney and in Melbourne. Kosher food can be found in Sydney and synagogues are open daily. A visitor can learn about the Jewish history of Australia in the community centres.


Things you must do


If you like the western culture and the western mentality than Sydney is the right place for you. All you have to do is practice the famous Australian blessing: "G'day Mate". You'll love it, the Aussies will love you, and you are free to roam one of the most exciting cities on the planet. People who were born in Sydney haven't seen it all, but still 3-4 days are a plenty of time to explore the highlights:


The Opera House – It is one of the most famous architectural wonders of the modern world. It is located in the harbor of Sydney and the entrance to the compound is free. Take a tour around the building, walk through the corridors, see the halls and enjoy the atmosphere.


Don't miss the ferry from Sydney to Manly. It will take you through the harbor; you will see the Opera House from different angles and also enjoy the impressive skyline of the city and the neighborhoods on the cliffs.


If it's a good day, you can take a guided tour on Sydney's famous harbor bridge and see the magnificent view from above while you are tied with a thin rope and the winds shake you.


A visit to Bondi Beach is a must. The white warm sand, the fresh fish and chips and of course the perfect waves and the young atmosphere will consume at least a day of your time.


Other things to do: Take a walk from the ferry peer towards Sydney tower. Have breakfast at the top and then go south to Hyde Park. From there, cross to Chinatown and walk along the western peers of Darling Harbor. If you keep walking north you will see the beautiful promenade and the art exhibits in it.




Getting there


There are many ways to get to Sydney. The easiest way is probably to get there from the west coast of the United States. Flights via Vancouver are also an option. Check with your travel agent what the best deals are.




Most foreigners need an Australian visa. You can do it by yourself or have the travel agents do it. It will be easier for the Australian authorities to approve your application once you prove your dates of entry and departure.




No particular risks. However, Australia is the habitat of some of the world's most dangerous creatures, especially snakes, poison jellyfish, sweet and salt water alligators and of course sharks. If your vacation includes water activities and visits to sites outside the big cities, you must prepare yourself and consult your doctor.


Australia is also known for its high sun radiation. The Ozone layer is very thin over Australia and on sunny days, long sleeves, and hat and skin protection are recommended.




Prices in Australia are very much similar to Canada. The currencies are almost equal and it will be easy for you to plan and calculate your daily expenses.


Enjoy your vacation, mate!!

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