Arnie Roth Brings 'Final Fantasy' to Toronto

Published: November 25th 2010
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Arnie Roth
Pic: Photo courtesy of Flip Publicity

We’re excited to have Nobuo Uematsu attending the concert with us in Toronto. Fans attending the concert will be sitting with Ueamtsu in the audience, which is quite a thrill. The atmosphere in the theatre is always quite charged at all of these concerts, and I am happy to be able to play some brand new scores in Toronto, such as FFV: Clash on the Big Bridge, and scores from FFXIII and FFXIV, that we just premiered in Tokyo two weeks ago. Plus a lot of new HiDef video we have added for Toronto.


Mannheim Steamroller will be performing at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Are you excited?


Yes! It’s in between Toronto, and the two different Mannheim Steamroller tours going on at the same time. Fourth quarter is busy!


What’s next for you? 


Toronto, Dublin, Irish Tenors, Barbie at the Symphony, Barbie in the Nutcracker, Sydney Symphony, Royal Albert Hall, and so much more….




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