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Published: November 20th 2010
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Jewish Tweets

Glee’s Lea Michele reminisces about the past, Judd Apatow ends a feud, Sarah Silverman is oozing something, Jessi Cruickshank loses a Gemini award, Chelsea Handler is coming to Toronto, Adam Levine from Maroon 5 gets ready to play the Children in Need telethon, Jeanne Beker tells her followers the main reason why she likes fashion, Joan Rivers expresses her love for David Brenner and Paula Abdul needs to talk to her family.


@misleamichele: Watching my final performance of Spring Awakening on DVD right now in my trailer. Seems like such a long time ago. I miss it so much!


@JuddApatow: I am calling off my vicious feud with Eric Felton due to lack of interest.


@SarahKSilverman: I ooze pure sex. And jewiness.


@JessiMTV: So, The After Show lost the Gemini. To some guy called 'Elvis Costello'... never heard of him.


@chelseahandler: I'm coming to toronto, massey hall, dec. 11th. Here is the link for tix


@adamlevine: On our way to play the children in need telethon...we go on at 1:15AM...trippy


@Jeanne_Beker: An honour to be working with so many diverse talents. Main reason I love fashion: the people!


@Joan_Rivers: I love David Brenner! He always makes me laugh. He just said backstage...Apathy around the world is at an all time high. Who gives a shit?


@PaulaAbdul: ometimes you just NEED to talk to family. i needed to talk to my cousin Tara today. I love you @tweakamerica thanks for your wise words!xoP

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