A Paradise in the Andaman Sea

Published: November 20th 2010
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Koh Phi-Phi
Pic: Estelle Tastassa
Koh Phi-Phi
Pic: Estelle Tastassa
Koh Phi-Phi
Pic: Estelle Tastassa

Where to enjoy my winter vacation


The winter will soon come. The last leaves will fall from the naked trees and the temperatures will fall sharply to 0 and below. Excluding skiing and ice skating there isn't much to do in the neighbourhood.  Many will probably go to Florida and Mexico; others will enjoy the relaxing Caribbean's.


How about the islands of southern Thailand?


Paradise on Earth


Imagine that you wake up tomorrow morning to a completely different reality. The water temperature is over 31C; you are surrounded by a thick rainforest. The sun is tickling your skin and wonderful smells of Thai food are all over.


You take an early walk on the beach, enjoying the bright sand and the transparent water next to it. You may swim, snorkel for a while and then take a spoiling shower.


Your next dilemma is whether you are about to eat a western breakfast or a local Thai breakfast. Both are perfect, just go with what you feel like.


About an hour later, you can enjoy a perfect Thai massage, foot massage, body massage or all of them. The prices are ridiculous and they are $5 to $10 per hour. 


After cooling your belly, your body and your soul, you can enjoy the swimming pool; take a ride on a long tail boat around the island or climb to its 300-metre peak and enjoy the perfect view.


Lunch is perfect! Again it can be Thai style or western style. The menu is varied with vegetarian food, sea food and fish, chicken and beef and finally the amazing Thai fruit.


Taste all types of food: Mangustine, Pineapple, Mango, Papaya, Dragon fruit and of course the mighty Durian.


The Durian is for crazy people. It is a little bit sweet and smells like hell. I tried Durian and thought the taste was hell too, but maybe you'll think it's perfect.


Koh Phi-Phi


The above description refers to many islands in Thailand. Koh Phi-Phi is located in the south western part of the kingdom in the Andaman Sea.


The big island, Koh Phi-Phi Don, is populated and is considered the ultimate paradise. The best location to stay in the island is either Tonsay Bay or Au Dulum Bay, because of the perfect view that is seen from them


Tonsay Bay is preferred, since it is quieter and you can see from it the small island – Koh Phi-Phi Leh. Koh Phi-Phi Leh is not populated, but you can visit its beautiful bays and enjoy its unique flora and fauna. Snorkelling or diving is a must.


It is such a perfect place that it was chosen as the island for "The Beach" starring Leonardo DiCaprio.


Getting there


After you arrive in Bangkok you can continue with a domestic flight to Phuket or to Krabi. Then, take a ferry to the island.


Things to do


Enjoy, eat, rest, spoil yourself, sail, fish. Dive, watch the stars at night.




Automatic for 30 days when entering Thailand – verify with your travel agent.




Mosquitoes may disturb. Check with your doctor for the updated risks if at all about Malaria and Dengue fever. Local clinics operate in the island.




20 to 200 Dollars a day, depends on your standards.


For more information contact:  yosef.tastassa@gmail.com

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