Seth Rogen Busy Again With a New Script

Published: November 18th 2010
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Seth Rogen

Jewish Vancouverite Seth Rogen, who appeared as a guest on the inaugural episode of Conan on TBS last week, will be rewriting the script of Neighbourhood Watch along with fellow Vancouverite and producing partner Evan Goldberg, according to reports by Heat Vision Blog. The two have teamed up on many previous projects such as Superbad and Knocked Up.


This project is for 20th Century Fox, and the last news related to the film came last year when Peter Segal was announced as director. Shawn Levy is also attached to produce.


Rogen and Goldberg will be rewriting a script which was originally penned by Jared Stern.


Neighbourhood Watch is a comedy that focuses on a group of suburban fathers who use the Watch as a cover in order to get more "guy time." The Neighbourhood Watch guys greatly enjoy their guise and use it well in order to have some male-bonding and escape from family life. However, things change quickly when the group accidentally discovers a "nefarious plot to destroy the world," (


A production schedule has not been released for the film, but it is set to come to theatres sometime in 2011. The film had been previously seen as a possible starring role for comedian Will Ferrell, but actual details for the film and its lead roles have not been announced.


While on Conan, Rogen also discussed his upcoming film The Green Hornet, also written by Evan Goldberg, and set to be released January 14, 2011 in Canada. Rogen will play a superhero, something new for his theatrical repertoire. He jokingly spoke about the need to get into shape for the film, and that having taken karate at the Vancouver Jewish Community Centre (VJCC) as a kid helped with the technique. The movie will co-star Cameron Diaz and Edward Furlong.


In addition to discussing "the biz," Rogen and Conan spoke about the actor/comedian's recent engagement to long-time girlfriend Lauren Miller.

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