Germany Ordains First Female Rabbi Since 1935

Published: November 4th 2010
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Regina Jonas, first female rabbi.

Alina Treiger, 31, is the first woman to be ordained as a rabbi in Germany since the Second World War. She and two male rabbis were ordained on Thursday in an emotionally charged ceremony attended by German President Christian Wulff and Jewish leaders from around the world at Berlin's Pestalozzi synagogue.


"For the past two years, rabbis have been ordained here in Germany, rabbis who completed their studies in Germany," said Wulff.


Ukrainian-born Treiger studied at the Abraham Geiger College in Berlin, founded in 1999, and is due to take up her post as rabbi in Jewish religious communities in the towns of Oldenburg and Delmenhorst.


"It's important to me that Jews in Germany are able to develop a positive identity," she said. "Not just something that is negative and related to persecution and the Holocaust, but a positive identity."


Regina Jonas was the world’s first female rabbi, in 1935. She ordained in Germany, but was killed in the Holocaust in 1944.

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