Ninja Sex Party Shakes Up Toronto SketchFest

Published: November 3rd 2010
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Ninja Sex Party
Pic: courtesy of Ninja Sex Party

BW: And I guess when you go through bad times – not that Jews have ever gone through difficult times – laughter is a big part of that. I’m sure cultures that deal with a lot of difficulty find comfort in humour. [Pauses] That’s probably the heavier answer.




What can audiences look forward to for your performances at SketchFest in Toronto?


BW: They can look forward to the most intense musical comedy experience of their entire lives.


DA: They will come out of a Ninja Sex Party show changed in fundamental ways that they might not like, but we hope they will.




What’s next after the Sketch Festival?


BW: We’re going to keep shooting a bunch of videos. And we’re looking forward to releasing some shorter, non-music videos as well.


DA: And down the line, working on a TV pilot and a movie script, just seeing where we can take this.




So in addition to the music, do you want to do more straightforward sketch comedy?


DA: I don’t think we want to do just straightforward sketch comedy. I think the music will always be important to what we do. But we’re not going to shy away from doing non-musical stuff. Whatever makes us the most money, frankly. [Laughs]


BW:  We can’t wait to sell out.




How do you make money off sketch comedy?


BW: That’s a great question. If we knew the answer to that, we would be doing it already.


DA: I think the answer is probably in television. We recently acquired management, and that’s where they’ve been guiding us. At this point we’re still concentrating on the artistic side of it, and the money will come. You have to believe that. There’s a Willie Nelson quote that goes ‘Do your work and the world will beat a path to your door.’ And you sort of just have to believe that as an artist, you’ll be rewarded for loving what you do and trying your best.


BW: Of course, Willie Nelson is notoriously terrible at managing his money.


DA: But taking that quote out of context, yeah.




The Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival runs until Nov. 6 at various downtown locations. Ninja Sex Party performs Nov. 5 and Nov. 6 at the Comedy Bar. For more information about the Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival, visit For more information about Ninja Sex Party, visit

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