Apple iPhone Alarm Bug Causes Mischief

Published: November 2nd 2010
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Apple iPhone

Some Apple users are enraged: A recently discovered bug in the iPhone's operating system (iOS) has been causing alarms to go off a painful hour early down under in Australia and New Zealand, and causes the opposite problem in the United Kingdom: one- hour late for British and European iPhone wielders.


So Brits who set their alarm for 7 am got up only at 8 am, while Aussies who did the same found out the alarm actually sounded off as early as 6 am. Can you imagine?


Apparently, the annoying bug which "targets" in a rare coincidence both hard workers and sleepy heads, is related to Daylight Saving Time (DST) which kicked in lately. While, the iPhone's regular clock can handle the change and automatically steps back or forward one hour, the alarm does not and goes off one hour early or late accordingly. Nevertheless, iPhone users seem to have managed "fine,” with many quick breakfasts and early morning sprints: "The iPhone gave me a nice sleep-in. Luckily a friend called me four minutes before the lecture started, and I managed to get there reasonably on time," said one user on MacWorld Sweden's site.


In the case of the early risers down under, Apple said that it had "already developed a fix which will be available to customers in an upcoming software update." Unfortunately, though, said fix wasn't available early enough for many iPhone owning chaps.


 It is clear something is off kilter about the iOS' perspective on Daylight Saving Time. Indeed, the last Sunday in October is the right day to end the UK and many other European countries' summer time, but the iPhone alarm clock apparently didn't get the memo. However, in the US, though, the clock is changed only on the first Sunday in November.


Finally, since Canada and the US (as aforementioned) will revert to Standard Time only on the first Sunday in November, which is coming up next week, our best advice to you is to watch out and rely on an alarm clock other than the iPhone in order to avoid any inconveniences. 

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