Jon Stewart Chosen as America's Most Influential Man

Published: November 1st 2010
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Jon Stewart
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Jon Stewart, the beloved comedian who is the host-anchorman of the satirical US television hit show The Daily Show, is the most influential man in America in 2010, according to a poll published last Tuesday by American men's magazine Ask Men.


“Despite his innumerable enemies, Stewart’s acerbic take on the madness around him continues to draw audiences who look to the funnyman as a voice of reason,”the magazine wrote. Moreover, the magazine praised Stewart by stating: “If he ever decides to run for president, he sure as hell has our vote.”But, “he has no plans to do so,” they added.


Stewart has been rapidly gaining popularity in the last few years as a political commentator. However, he has claimed over and over again that he is first and foremost a comedian and that moving away from his core identity would only damage him.


On October 30, Stewart launched a left-wing march in Washington under the title "The Rally to Restore Sanity", which was a counter-protest aimed at striking a blow at the right-wing Tea Party movement. The event drew scores of people, just days ahead of the US midterm electionswhich concern Obama.


Stewart recently hosted Obama on his show, an interview which drew imminent ratings and world wide media attention. Another incident that brought Stewart's name to the headlines occurred last month when CNN fired one of its anchors, Rick Sanchez, a day after he called Stewart a bigot during a radio show.


Ask Men added: “We argue that the comedian does a better job shaping politics simply by working outside of the political sphere.”

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