Netanyahu to Visit United States

Published: October 31st 2010
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Binyamin Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will travel to the United States this week.


It will be his first visit since Middle East peace talks were rehashed in early September, only to come to another standstill over the Israel's settlement expansion in the occupied West Bank.


Netanyahu will fly into New Orleans, Louisiana, where he will meet with U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, as well as attend the annual General Assembly of the Jewish Federation of North America.


Netanyahu will not be meeting with President Obama during his visit, who will be out of the country on a trip to India, Indonesia, South Korea and Japan.


Netanyahu announced at his weekly Knesset meeting in Jerusalem on Sunday that he will thus be updating Vice President Biden on the renewed version of the peace process with the Palestinians.  The Israeli leader has, thus far, declined U.S. and Palestinian demands to reinstate a suspension on the building of Israeli settlements in the West Bank.


The Palestinians have reiterated that they see no point in negotiating if Israel continues to expand and development the territories in question.


"I will discuss with them a series of issues, including — of course — the resumption of the diplomatic process in order to reach a peace agreement with security for the future of the state of Israel," Netanyahu told his cabinet members.


The visit is seen as a potentially positive sign of movement in an otherwise tumultuous diplomatic process.

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