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Published: October 30th 2010
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Jewish Tweets

Ben Stiller follows Judd Apatow on Twitter, Judd Apatow tells his followers what he does at night, Drake turns 24, Joan Rivers searches for Milk Duds, Chelsea Handler has a new theme song for her show, Matisyahu auditions as Moses, Lauren Collins encourages Torontonians to vote, Ashley Tisdale returns to Vancouver to shoot her new show, Adam Levine has a new favourite piece of clothing and William Shatner’s show gets picked up.


@RedHourBen: I am now following @juddapatow. Incredibly similar tweets to the @DalaiLama.


@JuddApatow: What do I do at night? Behind the Music Leif Garrett. Watch Client 9 on apple tv. Joan Rivers on Fallon. NOT WRITING again. Tweet.


@drakkardnoir (Drake): 24 on the 24! I LOVE YOU ALL...Thank you so much.


@Joan_Rivers: Searching for Milk Duds.Here's why:1 Milk Dud=13 calories & they last!Stick 1 to the roof of your mouth & enjoy it for at least 18 minutes.


@chelseahandler: Like any new song, our theme song takes a few listens 2 grow on u. Do u think me doing karate to clay aiken's xmas album happened overnight?


@matisyahu: what do you think of my audition as Moses?


@Lauren_Collins: Want to encourage all you Torontonians to get out and vote today! We love our city, let's put it in capable hands.


@ashleytisdale: Goin back to vancouver.... Missin my someone special already :)


@adamlevine: A lovely fan handed a pair of batman underwear last night...perhaps my new favorite piece of clothing.


@WilliamShatner: I got picked up. No not a social encounter, a commercial one. Our show goes to the end of the year and we’re all so happy about it. MBB.

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