Soulpepper Announces 2011 Season

Published: October 20th 2010
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Soulpepper production of Glengarry Glen Ross."

Soulpepper artistic director Albert Schultz has announced the theatre company’s 2011 season will include 17 plays from eight different countries. A number of plays from Jewish wtiters will be featured in the upcoming season, including works by David Mamet, Arthur Miller and Neil Simon.


The new season will also include works created by Soulpepper artists: (re)birth: e.e.cummings in song and Window on Toronto, developed with the support of the Garland/Schultz Artistic Development Fund.


"The 2011 season represents, more than any season to date, the scope and breadth of Soulpepper’s artistic goals: to provide the city with the opportunity to see the great stories of our collective cultural inheritance; to establish a year-round repertory system; to prominently feature Canadian playwrights; and to develop original and vital new work based on classical sources,” Schultz said in a statement. 


Some of the plays include:


Oleanna, by David Mamet (Jan. 29 - March 5)


Oleanna focusses on the meeting of a professor with a student that develops into a debate related to the abuse of power.


The Price, by Arthur Miller  (Aug. 29 - Sept. 21)


The play tells the story of two estranged brothers who get together to sell their father’s possessions. 


The Odd Couple, by Neil Simon  (Sept. 22 - Oct. 22)


The comedy explores the relationship between Felix and his sloppy roommate, Oscar. Diego Matamoros and Albert Schultz are expected to reprise the roles of Felix and Oscar respectively. 




For the complete list of plays and for more information, visit

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