Stacey Farber: From Small Screen to 'Love, Loss'

Published: October 19th 2010
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Stacey Farber
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Stacey Farber has spent most of her career on the small screen (Ellie on Degrassi: The Next Generation; Jessie on 18 to Life), but this month she made her stage debut in Love, Loss, and What I Wore – the Ephron sisters’ chick-flick-lite play about women’s clothing and the memories they trigger. Shalom Life spoke to the Gemini-nominated actress about joining the fourth Toronto cast, her plans to stay and work in Canada and why she saves old articles of clothing.




You're stepping into this role as a member of the fourth cast of Love, Loss, and What I Wore. How does it feel to follow in the footsteps of three successful casts?


This production marks my theatrical debut! Pat [Hamilton], Leah [Pinsent], Mary Lou [Fallis], and Trey [Anthony] are all such strong and successful Canadian women. It’s an honour to be part of the fourth Love, Loss cast and sitting next to them onstage every night.


How has your familiarity with the play and the way other actresses have interpreted your roles affected your own take on your part?


I never had a chance to see the show before our rehearsals. Part of me wishes I could have seen it, but I’m also happy to be working onstage without subconscious influences from the actresses who previously interpreted my roles.


You're also the third girl from Degrassi to join the cast. Have you received advice or feedback from your former cast-mates?


Yes! I spoke to Lauren Collins before I began rehearsals and she outlined the intense performance schedule in advance. She also told me that she had a fantastic time doing the show and that overall, it was a truly rewarding experience for everyone involved.


You're mostly known for your television work. What do you enjoy (or not) about stepping onto the stage?


I love every minute of being onstage. It’s so different from what I’m used to on set, where I tend to perform for a small group comprised of our producers and crew. I’m fascinated by how our audience’s energy differs from night to night and how we, as actors, can modify the reactions of our audience members with minor changes in our tone or body language.


What drew you to the script and stories from Love, Loss, and What I Wore? How were you able to relate to the characters and/or their experiences?


I’ve always been a fan of the Ephron sisters’ work – namely, their films and essays. Love, Loss is poignant and very funny and I wanted to help communicate its positive message to women in Toronto. I can relate to the stories from Love, Loss in a general sense because I agree that fabrics and textures, like scents, are easy memory triggers. I purposely save articles of clothing that I have worn to important occasions and during key stages of my life.  Whether they are hanging in my closet or in boxes, those pieces help me recall the things that I don’t want to forget.


If you could add your own story to the collection, a memory about a piece of clothing, what would it be about?


I still have the jean jacket and top that I wore to my first Degrassi audition when I was fourteen. They’re tiny! They remind me of the time in my life before I started acting professionally.


How has your Jewish background played into your career or influenced your choices? 


I coach my [18 to Life] co-star, Michael Seater, on how to play a Jew convincingly.


Many of your Degrassi cast-mates have gone on to find success in the States, but you've found success with 18 to Life here in Canada. Was staying and working in Canada a conscious choice?


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