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Published: October 18th 2010
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If you’ve ever wished that your Hebrew speaking skills were on par with those of your Israeli friends, meet eTeacherHebrew.


eTeacherHebrew is a unique internet tutoring service, which specializes in teaching Modern Hebrew at all levels, from beginners to advanced. All courses are taught online and in the comfort of your own home via internet video conferencing, in real time, and are taught by Israel’s finest Hebrew teachers.


eTeacher’s online language academy was established in 2000, and tens of thousands of students from over 100 countries have participated in their live, online courses over the years.


What makes eTeacherHebrew work so well, besides the rich program and qualified teachers, is the family atmosphere and the fact that the company is run as a family business.  Founders Boaz and Yariv are the grandsons of Aharon Rosen, a respected teacher, author and theorist in the field of Hebrew tuition for non-native speakers in the nation’s early days. Rosen’s grandsons combined state-of-the-art technology with their grandfather’s dream of teaching Hebrew to anyone who wishes to learn it, at any age, anywhere in the world.


As Tami Weil, Didactic Consultant to the writers and teachers of the program explained, the online learning environment provides a unique opportunity for learning language at all levels – from beginners to advanced – while allowing for an enjoyable, social experience. “At eTeacherHebrew, our program is comprehensive, including homework, yet flexible enough to include interesting surprises, such as special exercises relating to current events and holidays, colloquialisms, slang speech and more. The pace of the lessons is quite challenging, yet there is the constant online support of staff and fellow students to ensure all participants gain the most they can at every stage of the course.”


Despite the geographic distance between teachers and students, eTeacherHebrew’s unique system makes learning friendly and intimate. Teachers and students form strong bonds, which is often expressed by them traveling overseas and to visit each other’s homes in person.


Shira Cohen-Regev, who has been teaching with eTeacherHebrew for five years, has frequently visited and hosted her students from all over the world. Last Passover, she hosted a ‘virtual Seder’ with her class.


 “We read from the Haggadah, and I explained what everything meant. We sang the songs and talked about the food, the calories. I felt so privileged to share Passover with them, to be their first connection with a real Israeli Seder,” said Cohen-Regev.


eTeacherHebrew’s students from around the world have expressed their satisfaction with the program, and have been pleasantly surprised by the ease and effectiveness of the online learning method.


“This is the best course I have had,” said Coyle Pam of South Carolina, USA. “I signed up for a telephone course before, but it was one-on-one for the whole hour and it was too much pressure. With other students in the class, there are breaks between talking, and the other students are heard, so I learn from them.”


The success of the Modern Hebrew program has led eTeacher to extend its offerings, and it is now offering online courses in Biblical Hebrew as well. eTeacherBiblical will teach you the Hebrew language as it was spoken in biblical times. Just like the eTeacherHebrew program, eTeacherBiblical brings the most experienced teachers and scholars of Biblical Hebrew right to your computer, so you can increase your understanding and appreciation of biblical texts in their original language.


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