Three Israelis Drive 260 km/h... Straight to Jail

Published: October 12th 2010
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The BMW's speedometer hitting 260.
Pic: screenshot

The Acre Traffic Court issued an indictment on Tuesday against the driver and two passengers of a BMW who filmed themselves in August driving 260 km/h down the Tel Aviv-Haifa coastal highway, then posted the video on Facebook.


This is the first time that someone in Israel has been charged for a video posted on Facebook.


Charges pending against the 23-year old driver include speeding, reckless driving and endangering human life. The passengers stand accused of encouraging dangerous driving and endangerment of human life.


The court issued the charges though police could not say precisely where the dangerous driving occurred or even identify the car used, Ynet reported.


The basis of the charges revolves around the incriminating video.


The video, which runs slightly over two minutes, shows the Acre residents speeding through a stretch of road between Netanyah and Haifa. The speed limit is 90 km/h.


At one point, a Kobi Peretz song is playing on the radio and the driver takes his hands off the wheel in order to applaud. The two passengers can be heard yelling words of encouragement.


Later, he turns off the headlights. He excited says, “I’m going to hit a wall.”


The camera zooms in on the speedometer. You can clearly see that it is hitting 260 km/h.


In August, Israel’s Channel 2 broadcast the video. One of the passengers claimed in an interview with the station that the video was actually a joke. He explained that the speedometer was in fact broken and stuck on 260. He added they were actually driving much slower.


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