The Naked Naches of Jamie Sneider

Published: October 10th 2010
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Comedian Jamie Sneider
Jamie Sneider

So she did what any nice Jewish girl would do: She proceeded to spend her entire life savings of $25,000 on the calendar. She worked 24 hours a day. She sowed her own costumes. She spent hours and hours on the phone with her mother, going over every last detail.


“I was obsessed. When I work on a project it becomes my life,” says Sneider, who believes the project played a large part in the failure of her marriage.


The calendar was a way for her to reconnect with her Jewish roots – learning about the holidays and the foods all over again. “For me it was a real process of identity and it really was a bonding time with my parents over food and what do you think I should do. ‘Should I do falafel for this? Should I use brisket?’ That led to stories of that food.”


The Year of the Jewish Woman is out of date now, but she notes that the days from 2009 will repeat themselves in 2015 so there’s still time to grab yourself a copy before it’s too late.


“In this calendar, I was 100 per cent myself,” she says. “I feel like the calendar couldn’t have been any better.”


Indeed, the calendar proved so overwhelmingly popular that Sneider is part of the fourth episode of the VisionTV documentary series Sex + Religion. The episode also features a sixth generation Mormon who tried something similar but paid the ultimate price.


“The way I defined myself was to go back to my Jewish identity which has always been something I explored through other ways than just temple, and to do something very physically exhibitionist,” she says. “It’s kind of the work I live to do, and in real life I’m very different. I don’t really show skin and I am quite self-conscious at times. It felt like a break out project for me. It felt really taboo. And that felt good.”


Episode 4 of Sex + Religion featuring Jamie Sneider airs Monday, October 11 at 11 p.m. ET on VisionTV.

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