The Naked Naches of Jamie Sneider

Published: October 10th 2010
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Comedian Jamie Sneider
Jamie Sneider

Jamie Sneider is more than just your average Jewish pin-up girl.


Her 2009 calendar The Year of the Jewish Woman features the 33-year actor, comedian and performance artist striking a pose with bagels, challah, brisket, matzo ball soup and little else.


It’s very Jewish, it’s very naked and it’s something Sneider thinks the world needs more of.  


“As I started to do it, people were like ‘God, this is so interesting’ because when people think of Jewish women on TV or in the media, they think either of a babushka or a whiny girl or a JAP or whatever horrible term or Israeli women,” she says, speaking to Shalom Life from the mezzanine of a Los Angeles office building (fully clothed).


To be sure, most people don’t usually imagine a Jewish woman cozying up to a noodle kugel. Au naturel.


“They didn’t think Jewish girls could be sexy,” Sneider says of her calendar, which she has mailed to titillated Jewish foodies (or just the curious) as far away as Australia.


Go to for yourself and check out Sneider with a coupe of very lucky latkes or Sneider taking a bath with dozens of delighted bagels.


I guarantee no one serves a brisket dinner like Jamie Sneider.


“I really am a feminist and I really believe I can do what I want with my body. I put Queen Esther on the cover because I felt like she is the ultra-feminist.”


One look and it seems obvious that Sneider has something of a fetish for Jewish foods. Especially baked goods.


“I know Jewish food seems like the most unsexy food you can imagine. It’s all orange and brown,” says Sneider. “I think it’s this big breasted Jewish woman I imagine cooking, baking. It’s the eroticness of the Jewish woman which I find very sexy and the foods are very, very loving. Japanese food is soothing and minimalist and clean but it’s not loving like Jewish food is.”


The story is this. After performing solo and stand-up shows in New York City for 10 years, including spending 2000 to 2004 as a regular cast member on Late Night with Conan O’Brien, Sneider moved with her then-husband to Los Angeles in 2007.


Initially, the transition proved difficult for the East Coaster who grew up in the Boston area. There was much culture shock. She felt quite lost in Los Angeles.


The idea for the calendar had its beginnings in an article she posted on her blog, Reluctantly Moving to LA (


She had just discovered a Jewish bakery in Fairfax that brought up warm, fuzzy childhood memories of the bakery her grandma managed in Florida.


And of course, she became somewhat over-excited by the smell of all those babkas. Shortly thereafter, she developed a yearning to pose naked with Jewish foods. 


One blog photo of her and a challah later and the rest is history.


“It’s good to make a sexy, Jewish thing that is fun and real,” Sneider says.


Eventually, Sneider decided to go for the gelt. She polled readers on her blog about the idea of putting together a calendar of her tastefully posing with Jewish foods. Clothing optional. Very optional.


The response was a tremendous “Yes!”


She recalls, “I didn’t want to cast models and say, ‘Oh, you’re very pretty, you should be in it.’ Even though it seems egotistical, I just felt this isn’t a beauty thing, this is about personal expression.”


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