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Published: October 7th 2010
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New Facebook Groups feature
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Yesterday Facebook held an event to announce another redesign.  These redesigns have become quite frequent and unexciting, but it’s what was announced beyond the redesigns that has piqued our interest.


Download Your Information was the first feature announced by Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg.  This feature allows users to download all their photos, videos, messages, etc.  It all gets collected in a single zip file and then emailed to them. 


Due to ongoing privacy concerns, which seem to be Faceook’s biggest hurdle, the dashboard has once again been redesigned.  Users will now have the ability to see what permissions each application is granted and what information it’s using. 


Another new feature is the new groups.  According to Zuckerberg, one of the main problems is being closely connected to those friends you most care about.  The solution is much like tagging a photo, whereas users will now be able to tag their friends into sub-groups so they can group email and group chat with them. 


Users will be able to sort them by any type of group they want, such as family, friends, book club, etc.  While users will still have their friend list, the groups will also be integrated across the site and will show the activity of the group members.


Groups can be created as open – meaning open to the public, or closed – meaning no one can see the group even exists unless a user is invited by a member.


Groups actually seems like a direct attack on Google Wave, Google’s social media offering which launched earlier this year.  Facebook hopes that users will now use Groups to send their mass emails and documents instead of Google.


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