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Published: October 7th 2010
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Alexis Wronzberg
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Alexis Wronzberg was first given a diagnosis of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at the age of 21. After a long, difficult two years of chemotherapy and radiation, Alexis beat the odds and went into remission. For the next three years, she enjoyed her life, free of drugs and cancer. Sadly, in August, 2009 on her 26th birthday, she was told that the Leukemia had come back.


This time, she needed a stem cell/bone marrow transplant to save her life. To have the transplant, she had to be in remission first, which was problematic because the chemo was no longer working. Miraculously, her doctors eventually used a unique protocol to enable her to have the procedure.


The stem cell transplant was a success and she was cancer free for the next 200 days, beating the odds a second time. Due to her bone marrow transplant, the chance of the Leukemia returning should have dropped to the same as the general population.


Unfortunately, the Wronzberg family is now facing their worst nightmare. Recently, they learned that the Leukemia has come back for the third time. Because Alexis has already been treated with traditional and unique chemotherapy and radiation protocols, her doctors said there was nothing left to try.


After contacting ECHO, an organization that advocates for connecting people with cancer to new, trial procedures, a doctor, Shimon Slavin, was found in Israel who believes he can successfully treat Alexis.


Alexis’s only hope is the treatment only available at the Top Ichilov Centre in Tel Aviv. The treatment is called HAPLO and is administered by Dr. Slavin, a world leader in researching stem cell transplants. His protocol has been quite successful. Unfortunately, it costs $300,000 and the family needs to raise the money quickly (this is what the JCAHO/TJC, Join commission on accreditation of Healthcare Organizations charges for international patients). Without the money, Alexis will not be able to get the treatment in Israel. Without the transplant, her family is afraid they will lose her.


So far, the family has raised $156,000 of the $300,000 but they still need your help.


Alexis, a beautiful, happy 27-year old woman, deserves the opportunity to live a happy, healthy and long life.


Please help if you can, also talk to your family, friends, neighbours and synagogue about helping.




To donate at any TD Bank:


Bank #:0004 transit #:12142 account #: 6328765


Payable to Deborah Wronzberg in trust for Alexis Wronzberg


(please email jenkasimov@hotmail.comwith the details of your donation as it is the only way we can keep track of funds deposited)




Online Interac email money transfer to:




Cheques can be made out to Deborah Wronzberg in trust for Alexis Wronzberg


All funds raised will be used directly for Alexis’s treatment. Thank you.

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