Tracking Down A-Trak

Published: October 6th 2010
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DJ A-Trak
Pic: BIZ 3 Publicity

I've got a little shortlist that ranges from Jamie Lidell to Swizz Beatz... We'll see! I've been fortunate to have already collaborate with a lot of my heroes. 




What advice do you have for kids who want to become DJs?


Finish your homework... Practice your craft. Find your voice, be original, stand out. Give people a reason to want to hear you specifically. 




Now that you’re based in New York, what do you miss most about Montreal?


My family, first of all. But also the people, Montreal is filled with such interesting, creative, smart people. And the food! 




Will you be performing in Canada this year?


Yes! I'm actually playing in Montreal in a few weeks.




What’s your plan for the next couple of months?


Take over the world? I'm slowing down on gigs a little bit to work on more recording. Time to put out some new music.

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