Israel's Tourism Ministry Launches iPhone Application

Published: October 4th 2010
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Israel’s Tourism Ministry launched on Sunday a new application for iPhones. The application will be able to find the user’s location and then allow them to receive fast and updated information on sites, tours, accommodation and events taking place in the immediate area, as well as other areas in Israel they intend to visit.


Users of the new application will receive precise information that will direct them to the desired location. Additional, tailor-made information complete with pictures will be provided on a variety of heritage sites, family entertainment, nature reserves, active leisure options, archeology, museums and even the opportunity to build an individual tour.


The application is currently only available in English and Hebrew, but will soon be translated into other languages such as Russian, German, French and others. These specific languages were chosen as these are the major languages spoken by incoming tourists to Israel. The Tourism Ministry will work in cooperation with other tourism bodies in order to eventually include additional, broader information in the application such as public transport, gas stations, hospitals etc.


Tourism Minister Stas Misezhnikov said in a statement: “The Tourism Ministry continues to lead the service revolution for the tourist and visitor to Israel with the use of advanced technology, as is done in the major tourism cities around the world. This application joins the Tourism Ministry’s electronic marketing system that includes the expansion of the website into different languages, activities in the social media, setting up forums etc.”


In the coming months, the ministry intends to market the application via its website, the tourism office in Ben Gurion airport, Jerusalem, Eilat and Nazareth and via the various tourism industry bodies throughout Israel and overseas.

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