David Irving Denied Tour of Auschwitz Museum

Published: September 21st 2010
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David Irving
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Holocaust denying British historian David Irving will not be allowed to give tours of Poland’s Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum, the museum announced on Tuesday.


Irving, who was described by The Guardian as a “discredited historian and Nazi apologist,” had arrived in Poland to lead a widely panned tour of Nazi sites.


In 2006, Irving was found guilty of Holocaust denial in Austria. He served 10 months in jail.


Museum spokesperson Bartosz Bartyzel told Polish news wire PAP that “proper actions” will take place if Irving makes any statements that deny the Holocaust during his visit to Auschwitz.


“We cannot allow statements that harm the memory of the victims,” said Bartyzel.


Last week, Irving was quoted in the British Daily Mail saying that Treblinka was an actual concentration camp but described Auschwitz as a “Disney-style tourist attraction.”


The Auschwitz Museum said it will not allow Irving to lead a tour as he is not a licensed tour guide. Officials there only found out about Irving’s plan from media reports. They added that if Irving visits the museum, they will monitor the situation.


Irving entered Poland on Monday for the start of a scheduled nine-day tour that was to see him visit Auschwitz and the Warsaw Ghetto.


Irving would not reveal the schedule of his visit to media, claiming security concerns.


On Tuesday, Poland’s Institute of National Remembrance, the body charged with addressing the loss of life suffered by Poland during World War II and the post-war period including those killed by the Nazis and the Soviets, said it was closely watching Irving’s visit. It stated that it would take legal action against Irving if he denied or downplayed Nazi atrocities.

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