Will the Mission be Completed?

Published: September 21st 2010
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Hamas video threatening Gilad Shalit.
Pic: youtube

Unsurprisingly, Hamas has publicly threatened the life of Gilad Shalit once again through yet another animated video.


Posted on Youtube on Monday and creating a huge uproar, the video toys with the idea of the kidnapped Israeli soldier being murdered in a Hamas cellar. This is not the first time that Hamas has used a psychological warfare video to threaten Israel with regards to the Gilad Shalit issue. They also did so last spring, in an animation which poked fun at Noam Shalit’s struggle to see his lost son.


This newest video, which spans just over 23 seconds, shows the innocent Gilad Shalit sitting at a table with his head down, in the dark. After a very close look, his figure appears to have been merely cut out of a real life video of him talking, which Hamas sent to Israel on September 14, 2009.


On both sides of Shalit are animated gunmen, preparing to shoot the captivated soldier. One gunman scrolls through various items in a case while the other loads up an AK-47 assault rifle. After enough time for the viewer to analyze what is about to happen, the screen goes dark with the words “will the mission be completed?” written across the screen in Arabic. At this point, multiple gunshots are heard, followed by the silencing sound of bullets hitting the floor. Gilad Shalit has been shot.


Later on Monday, the family of Gilad Shalit released a statement regarding this unethical form of warfare that Hamas has decided to repeatedly use. “[We are] troubled that instead of worrying about the hundreds of Palestinian prisoners jailed in Israel, Hamas leaders have chosen to continue holding Gilad, our son, captive as a hostage for their political aspirations, an act which is an ongoing war crime according to international law,” read the statement.


 “In addition, Hamas leaders in Gaza and Damascus are not hesitant to add, and even take a new approach, to the psychological warfare of the lowest level against the Shalit family, instead of respecting international law and conventions.”


The Shalits, who have been working tirelessly for the release of their son, recently turned down Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s suggestion to return to their home in Mitzpeh Hila for the holidays. They refused to take a break from their protest tent in front of Netanyahu’s Jerusalem residence, saying that nothing has happened politically that would warrant them taking a break. “Unfortunately, Gilad is spending his fifth Rosh Hashana in Hamas cellars in Gaza,” said his father Noam. “For eight months, nothing has happened, except for words.”


Unfortunately, after the threatening video by Hamas, one must pray that nothing has truly happened.

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