"I Feel Very Close to the Jewish People"

Published: September 21st 2010
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Vernon Hendrickson


He brought as an example the dump site at Dufferin and Major Mackenzie which was turned into a golf course. “The golf course is fine but we want to know how much taxes they pay or if they’re paying any taxes at all. We have to be accountable so we have to look at the tax procedure, how we our taxed in Vaughan and how our money is spent in Vaughan.”


If elected, Hendrickson would like to see a new museum in Vaughan, and he believes that the Jewish and black communities can work together to achieve this goal. “The blacks and the Jews have such a rich culture,” he said. “We were descendants of slaves. We survived. The Jews did too.”


He promises to work with all groups as councillor, and especially with the Jewish community. “The Jews are ambitious people. I want to work with them. They are builders,” he said.


“I’m impressed with the intellect that exists in Ward 5. We have smart people who live here. We want a representative who knows political science, who knows and understands the philosophy of life. A politician thinks about the next election. A statesman thinks about the next generation. That is the way,” he concluded.

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