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Published: September 21st 2010
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Vernon Hendrickson

“Whenever I go downtown, I leave my car at Dufferin and Steeles and I take the bus all the way downtown,” he said. “What is so important about traffic congestion is to have a designated area where people who want to go downtown or elsewhere can leave their car and take the train or bus to their destination. There are not enough locations allocated for this purpose.”


Hendrickson also believes that the public transit system in Vaughan needs to be improved. He addressed the double fare system for people who take the bus from Vaughan into Toronto. “Is it that difficult to make arrangements with the TTC?” he asked. “People who live at Glen Shields and want to go to Steeles have to pay the bus to take them there, and when they get there they have to pay another fare. In a few seconds they’ve paid two fares. It needs reorganizing. We need to come up with concrete solutions.”


He added that “buses must be reliable and dependable” and said that he believed that if a solid transit system will be in place, people will use it, and thus help to improve the environment, another important part of his platform.


“We have to definitely [take care of pollution],” he said. “Everybody’s cutting back throughout the world. We need to make sure we have clean air to breathe, and that the factories are updated with modern machinery. These are very important things.


“Carbon dioxide is very very destructive. Trees convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. So we plant more trees. We make the place green, and those trees that are dying we replace.”


Another way to improve traffic congestion and help the environment at the same time, according to Hendrickson, is to add more bike lanes on major streets in Vaughan. “In Norway, Sweden and all these other countries they have bike lanes. Now they’re bringing it into Canada. We have to expand [the bike lanes]. We should encourage families to ride their bicycles.”


He addressed the major commercial and residential development taking place in the City of Vaughan which left some residents angry, and said that if elected councillor he would consult residents before any development takes place.


“Don’t get me wrong, I like business but there’s a certain location for businesses,” he said. “I was upset by the Wal-Mart and the development that took place there, because I think that would’ve been an ideal area for a showpiece for Thornhill. This should’ve been a place that visitors and residents can enjoy. A garden park, nice trees, nice flowers, maybe a few places that can serve ice cream. Instead of that, you have the traffic that goes into Wal-Mart there. It’s unbelievable. Why would you want a congested area close to where you live?”


He added that “there’s a time and place for everything. Locate the areas where you want industrial development. Locate the areas where you want arts and culture development. If you want to resolve a problem, you don’t create more problems.”


Another important issue in Hendrickson’s platform is rising taxes. “I think that we have to sit down and look at our community, especially the elderly, and come up with a concrete solution on how we can continue to have those people living in their house,” he said. “You can’t keep [raising] their taxes. We also have to have good value for our taxes. Our money has to be managed [properly]. We have to be accountable.”

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