Israel Allows Cars into Gaza

Published: September 19th 2010
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Gaza Strip border

For the first time since 2007, Israel will allow cars to be shipped into the Gaza Strip, it was reported on Sunday.


Indeed, according to a statement released by the military, the "transfer of vehicles for the Palestinian private sector is expected to take place for the first time since the Hamas violent takeover."


The cars are expected to cross the border on Monday morning, though it is not yet clear how many cars will be allowed to enter the Strip.


Israel slowly began easing its blockade of the Hamas-ruled territory earlier this spring, and began allowing all goods exclusively considered for civilians to pass through; the trigger for this allowance was Israel’s May 31 seizure of an aid flotilla, which sparked international outrage.


The incident left nine Turkish activists dead, after which Israel allowed anything to cross into the region that could not be used as weaponry. It has maintained its naval blockade of the Strip, however, despite allowing through humanitarian aid.


Israel and Egypt first imposed closures after a soldier was captured in June of 2006, and tightened them when Hamas, who swore to put an end to Israel’s existence, gained control of the region a year later.

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