Having iPod Troubles? Try Apple's Express Lane

Published: September 16th 2010
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Screen shot from Apple Express Lane

Apple has added a new support service called Apple Express Lane to allow Apple users with a product fault or problem to contact Apple support more quickly if required. Apple's Express Lane is a new, faster online tech support service, which is available for all Apple customers who are still within their warranties.


The Express Lane is a rather fancy tech support service, intended for cutting down forum-crawling so you can find help faster. The service also stores and presents details on previous issues you've encountered with the company's products, whether it's an iPod, iPhone, iPad or anything else Apple.


Basically, it is a nice and smart gesture on behalf of Apple, and with a little luck, it could even eliminate, or at least postpone, that call to the nearest Apple store in order to book an appointment at the Genius Bar. Detailing the issue at hand could save valuable time if it's a relatively easy fix.


In addition, users are required to select their specific hardware product to use the service, and serial numbers are required when submitting a question, but otherwise the site might be able to offer assistance straight away, once the relevant boxes have been ticked. It's pretty easy to use, and is available now.


Visit the Apple Express Lane site to see it for yourself – perhaps it will help you with any problems you might be experiencing with your Apple products.

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