'Score: A Hockey Musical'

Published: September 12th 2010
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"Score: A Hockey Musical"
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Score: A Hockey Musical is goofy and gleeful, but it's no masterpiece. 


The Canadian musical stars newcomer Noah Reid as Farley Gordon, a sheltered 17-year-old who’s only played hockey in an outdoor rink with his neighbours. But unlike most of them, Farley is home-schooled by his tree-hugging parents (played by Olivia Newton-John and singer-songwriter Marc Jordan). 


Director Michael McGowan (One Week, Saint Ralph) uses the old “teen gets discovered and becomes an overnight sports sensation” formula. Farley gets discovered by the owner of a nearby junior team (Stephen McHattie) and sure enough, his hockey skills land him on the Brampton Blades' MVP. Farley soon becomes a hockey sensation, but his aversion to fighting clashes with the sport’s nature.  


Score has some - emphasis on some - funny lines and quirky songs, but nothing that’s highly memorable. The musical features a number of cameos, including Nelly Furtado, Walter Gretzky (father of Wayne Gretzky) and George Stroumboulopoulos, but the cameos aren’t enough to save the movie.


On the plus side, Reid and fellow newcomer Allie MacDonald (who plays his best friend in the flick) deliver solid performances along with the rest of the cast, including Newton-John. Just don’t expect her to break into a show-stopping number.




Score: A Hockey Musical opened this year’s TIFF. It will be released in Canada on Oct. 22. 

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