Google Predicts Your Thoughts

Published: September 8th 2010
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Scribe Screenshot
Pic: Shalom Life
Scribe Screenshot
Pic: Shalom Life

Who needs free thought? Google Scribe lets you create articles using randomly generated keywords.  This new feature was created by Google Labs, the company's newest experimental project which aims to improve the efficiency and reliability of the information presented during the.... 


Ok, so maybe this could work in theory but not with the current state of the system.  This article was written using this program and the results are not very good.  It can take several steps before you can obtain the appropriate information.  As you can tell what you want and what you can expect to find...Urrggghhhh.


Ok, no more predictive text.  Scribe is an interesting experiment. Currently it's nothing more than a fun time waster, but there is obvious potential in the future.  For simple form filling for the lazy to helping those who need physical assistance to type, Scribe could have some practical use.  But for now, typing using this system is frustrating as the selection of words leave a lot to be desired.  I'm sure this will improve over time as Google collects the data from it's users and improve's Scribe's algorithm.  In the meantime, it's interesting to see the results you get when you start with a letter and hit the enter key over and over.  I started with "Shana Tova" and let Scribe take care of the rest: 


"Shana Tova to all the music lovers in your life.  Wishing you all the best for their children and grandchildren."


Seems about right. 

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