UK's Next Prime Minister Could be a Jew

Published: September 7th 2010
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David and Ed Miliband
Pic: wikimedia commons

Two Jewish politicians are vying to lead Britain’s Labour Party. According to a recent poll, one is in first place and one in second. And they just happen to be brothers.


David Miliband, 44, a British Labour MP and former Foreign Secretary and his MP brother Ed, 40, the former Energy and Climate Change Secretary, are in a close race to become the next Labour leader.


A survey of Labour councillors by the BBC’s Daily Politics program found that David was in the lead with 57 per cent support while his brother Ed was in second place at 43 per cent.


The Miliband brothers were raised in London. They are the sons of Jewish immigrants, Marion Kozak from Poland and Belgium-born Ralph Miliband, a Marxist Jewish historian and sociologist, who was one of the most notable left-wing voices of his era.


David, first elected in 2001, was an advisor to Tony Blair and is associated with Blair’s centrist, pro-business New Labour while Ed, elected in 2005, is trying to return the party to its working class roots and is popular with Labour’s base.


Several Jewish Labour MPs are backing David’s his candidacy.


Former Labour head Neil Kinnock has endorsed Ed, describing him as having “the capacity to inspire people” and the strong values needed to win over voters.


So, could Britain have its first Jewish Prime Minister since Benjamin Disraeli (who was born Jewish but baptised in the Anglican Church by his father when he was 13) who served way back in the 19th Century? It’s a distinct possibility if either brother wins Labour’s leadership.

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