New iPhone OS 4.1 to Fix a Whole Lot of Bugs

Published: September 6th 2010
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iPhone 4

Apple fans, you are going to love this: Apple's CEO Steve Jobs has revealed all the details about the new iOS 4.1 (iPhone Operating System) at the Apple music event on Wednesday. So what will it do for you? The new version will finally fix that faulty proximity sensor, additional features will include adding 'HDR' photo capture, iPhone 3G device performance with be improved, as well as adding Game Center support and much, much more.


First and foremost, the new iOS 4.1 is all about fixing a handful of annoying bugs that were introduced within the iOS 4.0. Proximity bugs (that embarrassing cheek-dialing) and Bluetooth bugs are among the fixes that the new version is said to feature. However, if you’re an iPhone 3G owner you will be delighted to hear that the iOS 4.1 is set to fix those frustrating performance issues you have been forced to deal with.


Second up, is HDR photos, also known as High Dynamic Range photographs. According to Jobs, the iPhone’s version of this technology uses a series of “complicated algorithms” to make for photographs with more accurately rendered lighting. Basically, it means better quality pics. It's not a new technology, but a welcome addition nonetheless.


Next, we have HD video upload over WiFi. This feature will give aspiring 'YouTubers' a much easier way to upload high definition video without having to make use of a USB cord. Another small addition that Apple revealed for the forthcoming iOS 4.1 is TV show rentals. Previously, you were able to purchase TV show episodes through iTunes, but with the iOS 4.1 you will actually be able to rent them for much less.


And finally, Game Center – iOS 4.1 will actually introduce Game Center to the masses and focus on online multi-player games. Game Center will allow players to challenge friends and compare scores. However, in the words of Jobs, if you don’t have any friends with an iPhone, rest assured that Game Center will feature a sort of matchmaking allowing you to pair up with strangers and compete against one another.


By the way, Apple has officially announced its plans to launch all of this as soon as next week. If you go over to Apple's UK site, you will see the exact date- they are listing the iOS 4.1 software update as being released September 8th. On the contrary, the U.S. site still says "coming soon."

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