"I Would Kill Ten Million Jews"

Published: September 1st 2010
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James Cromitie

James Cromitie, the plotter of a terror attack on two New York area synagogues, told FBI informant Shahed Hussain that he would “kill 10 million Jews before killing one Muslim,” according to captured recordings heard at his federal trial Monday.


Hussain began his investigation in 2008 after being sent by the FBI to penetrate a Newburgh, NY mosque, according to Ynet News reports. Wired, Hussain began taping conversations with Cromitie during meetings and meals with the national threat.


"Muslims want to take the U.S. down," Cromitie plainly states on one tape played for the jury. "Believe me we can do it with our regular Muslims here."


During his meetings with the informant, Cromitie discussed American conquests in the Middle East.


"What do we do to make it stop?" he told Hussain. "We start taking things down here, you understand?"


43-year-old Cromitie, along with his recruits, Onta Williams, 34, David Williams, 29, and Laguerre Payen, 28, have all pleaded not guilty to charges of conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction and conspiracy to acquire and use anti-aircraft missiles for mass murder.


 “I will kill 10 million Jews” was uttered following what Cromitie claimed to be the way a Muslim could stop American missions to the Middle East.


Clearly feeling comfortable with Hussain, Cromitie exposed his plan to blow up two synagogues in the Bronx with remote-control bombs along with surface-to-air missiles for shooting down planes from the Air National Guard in a city just north of New York City.


Cromitie and his followers accepted what they thought were explosives and a missile system. Instead, Hussain provided them with inert devices before arresting the terrorist May 20th 2009; same time the men entered the synagogues with the inert “bombs.”


The accused were captured by Hussain, 53, a Pakistani immigrant and supplier of hours and hours of video and audio tapes in which he lectured Hussain on the righteousness of dying for the “cause,” which he later clarified to be “jihad.”

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